4WD Policy

4Wd Policy re Usage

Date: February 2017

Background: Vehicle was provided under an arrangement with SLSQ.

Purpose: Purpose of vehicle is two fold:

Beach Patrol

  • When patrols are being conducted, vehicle is to provide patrol members access for:

  • Conducting secondary patrols to Shelley Beach and Happy Valley Area, as per service agreement with Sunshine Coast Council and SLSQ.

  • Providing emergency vehicle to attend to issues outside of patrol area.

24 Hour Emergency Response Group

  • Vehicle provides after hour capability for such club members to respond after hours to locations requested by SLSQ support administrators



Vehicle is to be located at Junior Club house area for all normal patrol hours, commencing one hour after commencement of patrol and until closure of patrol. Patrol captain is in charge of use of vehicle and direction as to when vehicle may be used.

Objective is that manned patrol via vehicle will be conducted to secondary areas at least once per patrol, if resources are available.

Vehicle is only to be driven by members who have an open license there is to be no P1/P2 drivers driving the 4WD.

Log book within vehicle is to be completed by each patrol. 

End of day procedures to include wash and clean of vehicle at end of day patrol.

Vehicle may only be used on beach by members that have appropriate award.

24 Hour Emergency Group.

Vehicle may be housed at such members place of resident at times that patrols are not being conducted.  It is responsibility of this group to ensure 

vehicle is onsite for all patrol hours.
All emergency equipment such as oxygen and first aid kits are to be maintained in vehicle.

Eliza Dreves