19 April 2017


There has been a lot of work undertaken over the past 12 months in relation to the Club's governance arrangements and its operational model.

In anticipation of next season, you are now encouraged to consider how you can assist in taking on a Club role.  We are looking for people with drive, who are community-minded, and have a passion for our Club.  New members and those of you who have been members for many years are equally requested to come forward and get involved.  Your support is what will ensure the ongoing success and sustainability of our Club.

An update in respect of our structure and operations, and how you can get involved is detailed below.

The Board:

At the last Annual General Meeting (AGM), the new Club Constitution was endorsed, which has brought with it a change in how we operate, as compared to previous times, when we acted under a Board of Management structure.

We now have a Board of Directors, whose major tasks are:

  • To develop and set strategic goals and directions for the members, and ensure a structure is in process to deliver these goals; and
  • To establish an Operational Group, who have responsibility for the day to day operations of the Club, with a defined reporting structure back to the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors has ultimate responsibility for the operation of the Club and is accountable to all the members.

At the AGM and then following, the following members were elected as Directors:

  • President:              Mike McDonald;
  • Deputy President: Jim Chisholm;
  • Treasurer:              Simon Richards;
  • Director:                Brett Magnussen; and
  • Director:                Brendan Sheppard.

There is one other Board Director position that is currently not filled.  Whilst filling this role is not an immediate requirement, we are looking for a person outside the day to day dealings within the Club.  Our hope is that this person will have Not-For-Profit experience which will be very valuable within the Board as we develop under the new Constitution.

We are currently searching for people to fill the following roles:

  • Board Secretary - a person who wishes to work with the Board in a non-voting capacity and carry out the secretarial functions for the Board.

Operating Structure:

On establishment of the Board, we then considered and created an operating structure, which we titled the Operational Group consisting of five major pillars. Those being considered include:

  • Life Saving;
  • Junior Activities;
  • Operations and Communication;
  • Membership Development; and
  • Surf Sports.

Each “Pillar” is further defined below.

Pillar 1:  Life Saving:  

Life Saving includes the following functions:

  • Patrols;
  • Equipment;
  • 24 Hour Emergency Response; and
  • First Aid.

The key roles include:

  • Club Captain;
  • Patrol Captains and Patrol Vice-Captains;
  • Power Craft Officer; and
  • First Aid Officer.

Emily Neal is our Club Captain.

We are currently searching for people to fill the following roles:

  • Power Craft Officer – we have an immediate and urgent requirement to fill the Power Craft Officer role.

Pillar 2:  Junior Activities (or ‘nippers’ for age groups from U6’s to U15’s): 

Junior Activities (JA) includes the following functions:

  • Education and Awards;
  • Member Development; and
  • Surf Sports.

The key roles include:

  • JA Chairman and Deputy Chairman;
  • JA Secretary, Treasurer, and Registrar;
  • JA Education Officer;
  • Team and Age Managers;
  • Chief Water Safety Officer;
  • Canteen Co-ordinator;
  • Gear Steward; and
  • Clothing Officer.

Brett Magnussen is JA Chairman, with Brendan Sheppard as JA Deputy Chairman.  We are fortunate to have a complete JA committee with volunteers in every role.

Pillar 3:  Operations and Communications: 

Operations and Communications includes the following functions:

  • Communications;
  • Finance;
  • Facilities and Equipment;
  • Fund Raising; and
  • Communication and Social Media.

The key roles include:

  • Secretary;
  • Treasurer;
  • Club House Facilities Officer;
  • Property & Equipment Officer;
  • Fund Raising, Marketing & Sponsorship Officer; and
  • Communication & Social Media Officer.

Simon Richards is our Treasurer, Carl Perkins is our Club House Facilities Officer, and Tibor van Maas is our Communication & Social Media Officer. 

We are currently searching for people to fill the following roles:

  • Secretary – we have an immediate and urgent requirement to fill the Club Secretary role.
  • We are also looking for volunteers for the roles of Property & Equipment Officer, and the Fund Raising, Marketing & Sponsorship Officer.

Pillar 4:  Membership Development: 

Membership Development includes the following functions:

  • Training;
  • Education;
  • Youth Development:
  • 15 – 17 Years; and
  • 17 – 21 years.
  • Membership; and
  • Proficiencies.

The key roles include:

  • Chief Training Officer;  
  • Member Development Officer; and
  • Youth Development Officer.

Simon Richards is also our Chief Training Officer.

We are currently searching for people to fill the following roles:

  • Youth Development Officer – we have an immediate and urgent requirement to fill the Youth Development Officer role.
  • Member Development Officer – we have an immediate and urgent requirement to fill the Member Development Officer role.

Pillar 5:  Surf Sports: 

Surf Sports includes the following functions:

  • Training; and
  • Competition.

The key roles include:

  • Surf Sports Officer;
  • Coaches (Surf, Craft, Beach); and
  • Team Managers (U17’s, Open, IRB, Masters, Surf Boats).

We are pleased to announce that Matt Richards has recently taken on the role of Surf Sports Officer.  Jeff Morris is a volunteer Water Coach.

We are currently searching for people to fill the following roles:

  • Team Managers.


Each ‘pillar’ is (or is to be) managed and co-ordinated by a committee, which in turn report to the Board of Directors.  The chairperson of each committee is detailed below:

Pillar Chairperson
Life Saving Club Captain
Junior Activites Junior Activites Chairperson
Operations and Communications Deputy President
Membership Development Membership Development Officer
Surf Sports Surf Sports Officer


Further Information:  

The following information has been developed in support of our operational framework:

  • Organisational structure;
  • Position Descriptions for each key role; and
  • Terms of Reference for each committee. 

This information is now available on our web site by way of the link: CLICK HERE

Should you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me on Mike.McDonald@crowehorwath.com.au.

Mike McDonald