In June 2016, the Club underwent major Constitutional and Organisational changes.

Club Structure.PNG

The Board

The Board of Directors has ultimate responsibility for the operation of the Club and is accountable to all the members.

The Board’s major tasks are:

·         to develop and set strategic goals and directions for the club

·         to ensure a structure and resources are in place to deliver these goals; and

·         to establish an Operations Group, who have responsibility for the day to day operations of the Club, with a defined reporting structure back to the Board of Directors.


The following members are elected as Directors, for a two-year term:                       

·       President:                Jim Chisholm

·       Deputy President:  Brett Magnussen

·       Treasurer:              Simon Richards

·       Secretary:             Stephen Maitland OAM, RFD

·       Director:                 Brent Hiley

·       Director:                Paula Ryan; and

·       Director:                 Sharon Punter

The Treasurer also has executive responsibility for finance and accounting, and funding within the Club.

The Secretary also has executive responsibility for governance, member registry, and communications within the Club

The Club employs a part-time Administration Officer.


Operating Structure

We have adopted an operating structure, called the Operations Group, consisting of five pillars. These are:

·           Life Saving

·           Surf Sports

·           Junior Activities

·           Member Development; and

·           Facilities and Equipment

Each Pillar is led by an Officer, appointed by the Board, who may engage assistants to their roles.

We have also established three Standing Committees – Judiciary; Foundation and Building.


Pillar 1:  Life Saving  

This Pillar is led by the Club Captain - Shane Punter

Life Saving includes the following functions:

·                     Patrols

·                     Assessment

·                     24 Hour Emergency Response; and

·                     First Aid

·                     Leadership and discipline

Key supporting roles include:

·                     Club Vice-Captain

·                     Chief Training Officer

·                     Patrol Captains and Patrol Vice-Captains

·                     Power Craft Officer; and

·                     First Aid Officer.


Pillar 2:  Surf Sports

This Pillar is led by the Surf Sports Officer - Matt Richards

Surf Sports includes the following functions:

·                     Competition, and

·                     Training

Key supporting roles include:

·                     Coaches (Surf, Craft, Beach, Boats, IRB)

·                     Team Managers (U17’s, Open, IRB, Masters, Surf Boats).


Pillar 3:  Junior Activities (or ‘Nippers’ - for age groups from Under 6 to Under 15) 

Junior Activities are conducted through a separate Committee - chaired by Brett Magnussen

Junior Activities (JA) includes the following functions:

·                     Education and Awards;

·                     Surf Sports, and

·                     Member Development

Key supporting roles include:

·                     JA Deputy Chairman;

·                     JA Secretary, Treasurer, and Registrar;

·                     JA Education Officer;

·                     Team and Age Managers;

·                     Chief Water Safety Officer;

·                     Canteen Co-ordinator;

·                     Gear Steward; and

·                     Clothing Officer.


Pillar 4:  Member Development

This Pillar is led by the Member Development Officer - Kirsten Phillips

Member Development includes the following functions:

·                     Member Development (17 – 21 years).

·                     Youth Development (15 – 17 years); and

·                     Education

Key support roles include:

·                     Youth Development Officer.


Pillar 5:  Facilities and Equipment

This Pillar is led by the Facilities and Equipment Officer - vacant

Facilities and Equipment includes the following functions:

·                     Buildings

·                     Vehicles

·                     lifesaving equipment

·                     surf sports equipment

·                     catering

Key support roles include:

·                     Club House Officer

·                     Vehicle Officer


Further details can be found in the Club Constitution and the Club By-laws