Bronze/SRC Course (January 2019)

The Club will be holding a weekend/midweek course for members to obtain either their Bronze Medallion (BM) or Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) on the following dates:

  • Sunday 13 January

  • Thursday 17 January

  • Friday 18 January

  • Saturday 19 January

  • Sunday 20 January (including final assessment)

Training will be held each day from early morning (approximately 7.00am) until mid to late afternoon.  The final assessment will be held on Sunday 20 January.

Members must be:

  • 13 years of age for SRC or 15 years of age for BM (on date of assessment)

  • Financial Member for 2018/2019

  • SRC candidates must be able to swim 200 metres in less than 5 minutes. BM candidates must be able to swim 400 metres in less than 9 minutes. A pool swim will be conducted on the first day of training.

Registrations will close at 5pm on Friday 4th January 2019.


Simon Richards
Chief Training Officer
Mobile: 0419 710398