IRB Water Safety Updates

Attention IRB Crew and  Drivers

 Provision of adequate and suitably qualified water safety at surf Sports events is paramount to our organisation and ensures the safe and smooth running of events. Prior to this year we have used a model where the clubs with the most entries were required to supply IRB personnel for the carnival. As the carnival organisers we had no idea of the competency levels of who was being supplied, or if they would show up at all for the carnival. With all this in mind the Branch sat down to discuss how to move forward with providing competent reliable IRB water safety at Sunshine Coast Branch run carnivals.

 From a suggestion from another Branch we decided to propose to set a levy on all entries to introduce a coordinated water safety program which would also cover off rewarding of a group of competent IRB personnel that provide Water Safety at our carnivals. This was agreed to by the Branch Council at the recent AGM under a trail.

 I think with your assistance this year we are able to work towards implementing a good system and we would very much like your support in the coming season. Having a team of competent reliable people looking after IRB water safety makes running a carnival a lot smoother.

 Benefits are registering your involvement include:

  • Attending specific course can laying course.

  • Shallow Water Rescue training IRB crews.



  • Minimum 2 years’ experience as qualified Driver and/or Crew

  • Expectations are that you will attend at least 50% of Sunshine Coast run Carnivals

  • Provide own/club PPE etc. Life Jacket and High vis requirements set out for water safety

  • Previous experienced/trained Drivers and/or Crews this course will act as skills maintenance

 This can laying course will give you the minimum skills required to competently lay and adjust course cans at a Surf Sports event.  It will be a requirement for all crew who attend an event to have completed the IRB can laying course with us. It is expected to take no longer than 5 hours to run depend on conditions and will be available on the following dates as follows:

  • Dicky Beach Club on Sunday 15th September 2019 at 8.00am-1.00pm

  • Rainbow Beach Club on Friday 18th October 2019 at 12.00pm-5.00pm (If Required)

 If you have completed this training previously or have some experience and/or prior knowledge you will use this training as a skills maintenance to increase the finer points of your abilities.

 The “reward” for providing IRB water safety duties at an event will be a $100 gift voucher. The vouchers will come from Coles Myer Group or Woolworths, allowing  something for everyone. Alternately you can have the $100 donated to your surf club. The Branch is not permitted to pay an individual for any volunteering within SLS.

 If you are an accredited official and you are down to do be an IRB personnel for a particular carnival, you can be used in your club’s official numbers.

 Clubs cannot bolster official numbers by sending unrostered IRB officials as this will have negative effects on the levy that we charge clubs.

 Role description’s and requirements will discussed during course etc:

  1. Required hours of work

  2. Time spend in IRB, WPHS breaks dependant on condition, age groups

  3. Carnival set up and pack up roles

  4. Unable to attend selected Carnival (back-up Plan)

  5. Selection of crews for carnival (dependant on no of qualified Crews)

 Below is a table of the carnivals that are run by the branch this season and the number of crews required for each event:


To select which events that you would like to participate at and to register for a can laying course, please head to the following link SSC Branch IRB Water Safety 2019-2020 season, and feel free to pass this onto any other interested members that qualify.

 EOI’s and registration will close on Wednesday 11th September at midday (12.00pm) to enable rostering of crews and confirmation back to registered members.

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