The Club’s Board, Operations Group & Assistants For 2018-19 Season

The Club’s Board, Operations Group & Assistants For 2018-19 Season

At the Annual General Meeting on 30 June, Mike McDonald stepped down after 6 years as President, and Jim Chisholm was elected President for the next 2 years.

Director and JAC Chair Brett Magnussen was appointed by the Board as Deputy President for the next year.

Aalan Macklin was elected as a Director for 2 years, in addition to his well-known role as President of the Supporters’ Club.

Other Board members continue in their roles for the next year – Director Paula Ryan, Treasurer Simon Richards and Secretary Stephen Maitland.

At its meeting on 30 June after the AGM, the Board reappointed the Operations Group Members from last Season:

Club Captain                                       SHANE PUNTER

Chief Training Officer                          SIMON RICHARDS

Surf Sports Officer                              MATTHEW RICHARDS

Junior Activities Chair                         BRETT MAGNUSSEN

Member Development Officer            KIRSTEN PHILLIPS

Facilities & Equipment Officer            NATHAN STEER


And, at its Meeting on 14 July, The Board appointed the key Assistants to the Operations Group:

Club Vice-Captains                             Jase BEAN, John KELLER, Brendan SHEPPARD

Grievance Officer                                Robbie HOWELL

Powercraft Officer                               Dan DWYER

First Aid Officer                                   Robbie SCHWARTZ

Assistant Secretary                             Eliza DREVES, Matt PUNTER

Grants Officer                                     Nathan STEER

Surf Appeals Co-ordinator                  Kerry BARLOW

Clubhouse Manager                           Carl PERKINS

Asst Member Development Officer    Eliza DREVES

Youth Development Officer                Kate RICHARDS

Communications Co-ordinator            Eliza DREVES                       

Graphic Designer                                Nerida PUNTER


President Jim Chisholm welcomed all to the important roles in making Mets a smoothly functioning and efficient Surf Club for all members. He said that we had a high-quality team that would be the envy of many other clubs.

Several key roles remain unfilled, and all members are encouraged to consider volunteering (or persuading a qualified fellow-member) to put their hand up and be a part of the action. These include Vehicle Officer, Assistant Treasurer, Fundraising and Marketing, Cadet Officer, Social Media Officer and Newsletter Editor.

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