201 7 Lifesaving Camp

The 2017 Lifesaving Camp will be held at the Club from Sunday 17 September 2017 to Saturday 23 September 2017.

The camp is the main means of training new lifesavers for our Club.  The Camp introduces you to surf lifesaving life and the role of patrols, and the participants will gain valuable lifesaving and personal development skills.  Most importantly, it is about having fun! The camp provides participants with the necessary skill, knowledge and qualifications to be able to participate in lifesaving patrols from September to April each year.  Successful participants will be placed on rostered patrols and they will form an important part of a patrol team that is tasked with providing a safe beach and aquatic environment for the general public.

The camp will be conducted on a “live in” basis due primarily to the requirements of the training program, which comprises full day schedules in addition to evening instructional sessions.  Experienced instructors will be conducting the camp and strict supervision is maintained at all times.  In certain circumstances, the camp coordinator may approve a trainee staying away from the Club, but the member will need to ensure they can attend ALL training sessions.

Whilst the camp is primarily targeted at under 14 Nippers (who will obtain their Surf Rescue Certificate) and 15 year old members (who will obtain their Bronze Medallion), spots may also be available for older members wishing to obtain their Bronze.  Any member over the age of 18 years will also be required to complete a Working with Children Check (Blue Card).

Please read through all of the above information.  If you still require further assistance, please contact:

Simon Richards
Chief Training Officer
Mobile: 0419 710398